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Rage surges
like gas in a cola bottle
imagining thick red blood oozing
from a turbulent child's slit throat;

Pity soaks
like a sponge cleaning up
soaking up wails, wants, woes
from a stricken pourer out of her heart;

Sadness swirls
a Charybdis in the head
with this terrible fascination
for a juicy apple soaked in cyanide;

Kindness swells
the Mother Teresa genes
express - tending, touching,
nurturing an abandoned mongrel puppy;

Coldness sets
The Ice Queen within
passes by, merely pausing
to watch a drunk roll into the gutter;

Delight swings
to watch a flower open
hands reach out to shield
it from a sudden menacing torrent;

to get on with life's unfairness,
misery, putting on masks
upon stranger mask
Gargoyles smirk

Meditating upon final salvation,
the soul plods, traipses
towards vague ideals
Angels smile