Saturday 28 June 2008

Steel sheets

The river at night:
Steel sheets among shapes of grey.
Softly, water sings.


Stone-strewn field. You'd think
nothing would grow; wait for rain.
Wetted, brown turns green.

Thursday 19 June 2008


Perdidi sed te
amare gavisus sum.
Amor vita est.

Orbe d'argent

Entre les nuages
la lune brille comme un orbe d'argent.
Nuits d'été sont belles.


Unless She likes it,
everything I write is trash.
Love is my haiku.

Flame of the forest

A forest aflame
with hues saffron, red and gold.
Flowers delight the eye.


Pretty Lantana
flowers - red, yellow and white.
The best things are small.


Je t'ai perdu mais
t'aimer était très heureux.
L'amour est la vie.

Calm waters

The moon silvers the
river through a clouded sky.
Calm waters bring peace.


The forest asleep
is the time of the leopard.
Death disturbs the night.


Flooded paddy fields
glimmer silver by moonlight.
Night shimmers in peace.

Tuesday 17 June 2008


Sunrays sneak through the
clouds to a welcoming green.
Pauses in rain please.


As light sneaks through clouds,
A rainbow streaks through the sky.
Rain delights all hearts.


L'eau tombe du ciel,
Et mon coeur, il se remplit.
C'est joie qui pleut.


Water falls from the
skies, and my heart fills itself.
It is joy that rains.


உள்ளத்தை ரொப்ப,
வானம் கொட்டும் பொன்மழை
மகழ்ச்சி வெள்ளும்.

Monday 16 June 2008


The earth erupts in
green; death dissolves in water.
Monsoon blooms delight.


Why just dormant seeds?
Joy is for mushrooms even.
Rain knows no favours.


For three happy months,
Earth is a fairyland green.
Monsoon is magic.


Tiny umbrellas
open whenrains kiss the earth.
Joyful, love mushrooms.


Little seeds awaken
as green pushes out of brown.
Rain makes mountains bloom.

Thursday 12 June 2008

Washed out spirits

Washed out spirits trudge
on with ceaseless daily chores.
Rain steadily pours.


my eyes met hers in a train
her hands rose to cover them
and revealed one and then the other
a little giggle burst out
and i was in love

i hid myself behind my book
her earnest eyes searched
i suddenly revealed myself
and said boo
she laughed out in her shrill voice
and i was in love again

then she covered her face
and unhid it again
she shouted boo and laughed
and i was in love forever


rain comes. Ants fly in-
to the mouth of waiting death.
Unskilled hopes perish.

Thursday 5 June 2008

More rain

Var 1:-

The lightning sparks glee,
It thunders with ecstasy,
And gently rains joy.

Var 2:-

The lightning sparks glee,
And thunders with ecstasy.
And rain gently pours.


Pregnant clouds give birth.
And as seeds burst through their shells,
Life rains from the sky.


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