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A Riddle

Guess who I am:- I am the sunset's pleasing tone,
I am the shipwreck's anguished moan.
I seed the rain that nurtures all,
I brew the anger of the squall.
I am the atoll's turquoise green,
I am the ice-floe's stark white sheen.
From me stems every living breath,
To me your dust comes after death.


I’m waiting by the sea
for someone to come.
I see here and there.
Everyone is waiting.
For someone to come
or someone to go
(perhaps forever).

Some for a signal from above
that will guide their destiny;
others merely a better job,
or a spouse, or inheritance.

The stones are waiting too
for the tide to lash at them.
the stranded crabs wander,
waiting for the sea
to come in and take them back.
and the fish in the sea
are waiting too
for the crabs to come back.

The limitless earth behind me
is sowed with seeds
that have been waiting
for the heavenly water
that will sow them with life.
the squirrels and birds wait
for that water and the blooming
to rerun that eternal sequence
of life again and again.

We are all waiting
for something
or the other
to happen
and bring the change
we dread to bring
by our own hands.

My little wait is over,
She has come.

But my big wait
Still continues.
I know not
What I wait for.

But I’m waiting.

(The bit in italics may or may not be part of the poem.)