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Neighbours: An acrostic

When we bought our flat we hoped we would
Have neighbours with whom to build an
Outstanding comity of trust and fraternity

The family in flat 24 (we're in #23)
Has never spoken to us in 9 years
Except once (when they borrowed milk)

Flat no. 21 and 22 have in them
Unsocial folks who keep to themselves, or
Compulsive obsessives who think we are
Kleptomaniacs out to strip them bare

I might have to admit that I'm not
Such a wonderful neighbour myself

A voluminous book or a lengthy
Letter from a friend overseas
Is my idea of diverting company; I
Care not to exchange fake 'how are you?'s
Even in shared elevator journeys.

(From Gompie's parody of Smokie's 'Living next door to Alice')