Monday 24 January 2011


ओढ़ लिया है जो नक़ाब-ए-ज़र,
ना फ़क़ीर को ना शा'यर को
होता है खौफ़-ए-बदगुमानी

Can I?

Can I belong
and yet not have chains;
Can I be free
and yet not an orphan;
Can I be a vagrant
and yet not an outcaste;
Can I ever be alone
and yet not lonely?

Saturday 15 January 2011

A friend

Sometimes you need a friend,
Who’ll just stand there and smile.

He doesn’t have to be a shoulder to cry on
For your own shoulder’s good enough.
He doesn’t have to be a philosopher-guide
Ready with advice, consolation,
Empathy, sympathy, compassion
Or other meaningless words;
You’re capable of them yourself.
He doesn’t have to be an all-weather
Friend of the kind that is ready with money
When you need it, for you don’t.

Sometimes you need a different kind of friend.
Who’ll just stand there and smile.

Who’s there to remind you that life
Isn’t a project to deliver and win rewards for.
That life isn’t for a higher purpose
Or for sacrifice to a loved one
Or to be spent away in unceasing, boundless pleasure.
Who’s there to remind you that life just is
To be taken one day at a time.

That kind of friend doesn’t say or do anything.
He just stands there and smiles.

His life is perhaps worse than yours
And also better than yours.
For there is no covetousness, or fear
Or strategy or bohemian vagrancy
In that blessedly wretched,
Wretched blessed life of his.
The sort of life, that is you see,
No different from yours.

That kind of friend has a life.
For he just stands there and smiles.

Tuesday 4 January 2011


All gloves are off...
when the Nobel turns


Cobwebs moist with dew...
Mighty mango tree erupts
with tiny flowers.

Broken cup

Broken cup...
yet not a drop spills
of old memory.

Necessary irony

Necessary irony:
A shelf-load of books
on the nurturing of trees.


Moonless night...
A pyre's flames illuminate
the plain.


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