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The Cruel Love Form Either Meaning Tears Sestina

They ask me to write poems on love.
They ask me not to make it cruel.
But it should not be funny either.
It must follow some poetic form.
It must be rich and deep with meaning.
It should move people, but not to tears.

Why should it not move people to tears?
Because they cry when they fall in love
For no reason and without meaning.
That's because love itself is cruel
and causes grief in its every form.
One cannot escape from it either.

It is not even funny either.
One spends all one's time shedding tears
And meditating upon the form
Of whatever being is one's love
Who is in general very cruel
And will get upset without meaning.

One wastes one's time looking for meaning.
One never finds it. One will either
die frustrated or suffer cruel
punishments. But no one spares tears
for stupid people who fall in love
And think it is divine in some form.

It is not divine in any form.
It is senseless, devoid of meaning.
the rational do not fall in love
They do not play with venom either.
They are therefore immune to tears
And don't suffer barbs that are cruel.

Protect yourself, do not be cruel
And you'll escape peril in this form.
There is no surrender to tears
Or a vain, fruitless search for meaning.
And people will not taunt you either.
There are no advantages in love.

Be free from tears and all things cruel,
Keep far from love and thus keep your form
it has no meaning, nor does this either.