Thursday 21 October 2010

She's complicated

She's complicated.
She'll charm you with charts,
statistics and that corporate smile.
But look into those eyes,
they're fiercely bohemian.

She's complicated.
Her chatterings seem to resonate
with happy sounds,
but listen with the other ear,
to an unhidden lament.

She's complicated.
Her silences agonise,
her voice echoes in her absence.
And yet there is a mild dread
as her name flashes on the ringing phone.

She's complicated.
Sometimes she's a poetess,
shallow, romantic,
trying to hide a sardonic,
world-weary wit.

She's complicated.
She could be a spiteful Fury,
wrath unabated,
but that's just to hide
the lamb-hugging girl within.

She's complicated.
She's an enchantress, a fool,
a tyrant, a nurse, an imp, a priestess,
but she's generally
a good friend.

She's complicated.

[Published in Making Waves, ed. Pam & Bill Swyers; Swyers Publishing 2011]


Aarohi Narain said...

Lovely :)

Ozymandias said...

Thank you so much!

SatyaVrat said...

writing poetries in hindi, english & tamil !!!
u are awesome.

-a new student at iisc

Ozymandias said...

Thank you, that was kind of you!

writerzblock said...

Lovely!!! But Ozzy, this is like most women ;-) That's the way this fairer sex is supposed to be, I guess!! Things that are too simple are boring, right?

Ozymandias said...

writerzblock, most people are complex, but predictable. She's complicated!

Diana D'Souza said...

Hi Raamesh,

This is written so well. Reminded me of the song "She's always a woman to me" by Billy Joel.

Definitely looking forward to more such stuff from you.


Ozymandias said...

Thanks, Diana!


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