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Appeal to Ladies-log

Why ladies-log you are coming
in general dabba on Sundays only?
You are making the gents-log
to behave extra carefully,
and not to using
maderchod-benchod language
which is very unnatural for us.
Over and above ji,
your gents-log are becoming extra-aggressive
and you couples are taking
so much place
where everyday 4-5 men
are standing only.And what is really sad is that ji
all the tight jeans-wali ladies
are going in ladies compartment only
and only burkha and behenji type ladies
are coming in general dabba.
So lukkha-type boys
are hanging from footboard
only to make distance from you,
and they are blocking
us decent gentleman-type gents
from boarding and getting off the local
and that is causing very much tension.