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I want to say sorry to you.
I could say in lots of lovely
flower-bedecked words.
That is my one gift from God.
But will it unspeak,
undo the words I said?
Ugly, unthinking words
- the abuse of my sacred gift?

What will the sorry do?
It may hide, It will not heal.
The scar will not go away.
I can say stupid things in defence.
I can say I bear things said to me
with a grin and not resent.
So should you.
Foolish things to say.

I can say silly things
that make me pretend
that I have escaped
from the web of guilt
that I have spun for myself.
Only to say something
more imbecile
and fall into my own trap.

Even these words will only
weave that web even more.
I can give you some more
fancy words that mean nothing.
Just lots and lots of words.
One more poem, a little balm
to pretend all is well.
But they are all I have.

But I cannot let go of you.
That I will never do.


I think I am a Nazi.

I killed a hundred flies today.
I froze them on ice,
lined them up one by one,
and beheaded them;
with a new, half-divided blade.
I needed those heads:
to isolate protein
to do an experiment.
The Endlösung to publish a paper.

And that would bring me
- fame, glory, eternity.
I say that it is only my duty
for the advancement of science.

The Schutz-Stafel guard also said that
at the doors of Mengele's laboratories.

I think I am a Nazi.

I kill because I do not like.
mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants.
Disgusting vermin I call them
like the Aryan called the Semite.

I swat them, crush them under my foot
until blood, limbs, heads, hearts
are all indistinguishable organum.
I spray them with pyrethrin
with glee, maybe even aplomb
just like a Sturmbannführer
putting down the Warsaw uprising.
They come into my house,
(built upon theirs).
why should I tolerate that?

I think we are all Nazis.

The wise ones say that
an area the size of Belgium
is chainsawed every day
in the Amazon rain-forest.
Hundreds of species…