Sunday 22 November 2009

Sunday is...

...a late morning,
a tumbler of degree coffee,
a birthday greeting to a friend
(thank God for Facebook),
another tumbler of coffee...

...a hot water bath,
catching up on weekly politics,
rice and bitter-gourd curry
with jeera rasam and pickle,
a long unhad siesta...

one murukku made from old rice,
ground by hand and made in coconut oil,
one piece of jangri - not too sweet -
washed down with hot degree coffee...

a walk with the dog
drongo-spotting in the garden,
and old family stories with mother
under the jamun tree...

...a little poem, a bit of light reading,
and an interesting online chat
on the Dhammapada...

...and finally an ascent to heaven
with curd rice and vadu-mangay,
before the fall to the netherworld
of Monday.


Banno said...

Sounds like a heavenly Sunday. You actually have a jamun tree at beck and call? And what is degree coffee?

Ozymandias said...

Yes, we do have a jamun tree. And a mango tree and some others.
Degree coffee is a special coffee prepared in South Indian households, also called filter coffee.

Banno said...

Lucky you!

Ozymandias said...

Thank you!


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