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Sister calls me 'You Monster!'.
Don't know why.
All I do is pull her hair
and yank her dolls' heads off.
And sometimes spill ink on her
homework while playing with her pen.

Then I go running to mother
and press my face into her sari.
'Babloo' she calls me,
and wipes my tears,
and gives sister a scolding.
I point my tongue at sister
but mother doesn't notice.

Father is not like that.
He is nasty and unfair.
He likes sister more than me.
He makes me stand in the corner
for spilling ink and pulling hair.
And he calls me by my school name.
I don't like Daddy.

Hey auntie has come.
Get out of corner and run
screaming "Auntie, Auntie, Auntie".
She picks me up in her arms
and says "Babloo baba, cho chweet!".
She is not nice when she
pinches my cheeks and makes me
recite 'Baa baa black sheep'.
But she is nice when she
gives me a big chocolate
which I eat in front of my sister,
and don't give her anything.
Nasty sister.

Rohit is a nasty boy.
He insists on sharing everything
And he calls me 'Fighter'.
Sameer is not nasty. He is nice.
He lets me beat him
and snatch his things.
I like Sameer because
he calls me 'Boss'.
I don't like Sameer's mother.
She calls me 'That Naughty Boy'.

But I like granny best.
She tells me stories
and teaches me to draw.
She calls me 'My Chirag'
and always has sweets for me.

Father says I am a Bad Boy.
The Baddest Boy in the World.
Mother says I am a Good Boy.
Am I a good boy or a bad boy?

(Named after an apparently 'Bad' boy who is held up as an example for other children to 'behave'.)