Tuesday 19 April 2011

CaPoWriMo-17 (To Arsenic)

They say you are doped
Into silicon to make my computer run -
Thirty three electrons rushing about madly
That make silicon's fourteen
Lethargic ones sit up and get about;

You helped Madame Bovary,
Emperors Bonaparte and Guangxu,
And innumerable Bangaldeshis
Find release from their mortal coils
Even as you cured libertines
Of the syphilis that shamed them;

You pervade my life
In paints and polishes
And pesticides and pyrotechnics -
Creating and preserving beauty
Even as you truncate my breath.

What would I be with you, arsenic,
And what would I be without you?


Anonymous said...


Nice one, though! :)

Ozymandias said...

Thank you!

The decadent dreamer... said...

Beautiful. Very similar in parts to some of my own www.thedecadentdreamstate.blogspot.com

Have a read and message me if you want to talk :)

Ozymandias said...

Thanks, Abi!


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