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CaPoWriMo-12 (To HTML)

You are to me bread butter and jam,
As also curd rice and pickle;
I love the smoothness with which
you transmit emotions across
oceans, undimished;
the way you bring together
thousands of citizens
to overwhelm aged despots;
the way you have made me feel younger
as I am a student again
learning your myriad ways;
the way you unseen, unheard
change the way I think,
I see, I hear, I know;

You only care to come forward
when there has been error, sin
and wrongdoing,
sometimes as little, irritating

or sometimes as a great epitaph
to monumental blunder;

HTML, I know not your words,
your grammar, your idioms,
but you are the tongue
that has come to feed me.