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How To Sharpen A Machete

Never let bloodstains dry on the blade; they
dull its keenness, you cannot cut smoothly
and will need four or five clumsy strokes. Wrap
sandpaper around the handle, so that
sweat doesn't loosen grip, else hacking off
limbs becomes tiresome. Rub grit on the
blade, sand with vigour - first with coarse, then fine
paper - till the surface is evened. Make
sure every inch from tip to hilt has sparked
on the whetting-wheel. It should cut away
arms in clean, efficient strokes. Rub down the
edge with hemp and linen, till it neatly
severs the spine in one graceful swing. Then
rub down hard, first with a cotton rag, then
silk, Rub keen till it rends the soft skin of
the abdomen elegantly. Rub last
with satin and dacca muslin. Then you
will have an edge so sharp, you can gouge out
eyes with the most delicate of movements.
That is how you sharpen a machete.


The Bar Girl... said…
whooops !!!!
tht was fierce I should say !
what are u planning? *wink*
Ozymandias said…

Nothing being planned, just a line of thought from my ealier 'poem' Nellie, 1983.