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To the dog who tore my heart

indolent, half-lifted eyelid.
A tail wagged drowsily.
A half-whine of acknowledgment.

A limp, reluctant handshake
and taunting dejection
on not getting the promised biscuit.

A quiet, piercing stare
as the clock strikes six
that hour of his business.

An ambling unconcerned walk,
immune to tugs on the leash
and no interest in thrown balls.

Fingers clasped firmly in teeth,
a demonstration of power
that was right now not being used.

Hungry, innocent eyes
pleading for dinner, not counting
the meal consumed minutes ago.

The quiet snore,
teeth half-exposed in warning
to let sleeping dogs lie.

Just like the quiet vacuum
unfilled by furry memories
of the dog who tore my heart.


Aayushi Mehta said…
This is the second post about dogs you've written, anyways, loved this, it almost tore my heart too!
Gayatri said…
Romi, the poem is so good...shows a beautiful picture of him...miss him so much...want to hear his impatient bark for his ball one more time. or his glares if he is not taken out on time!!
Ozymandias said…
To the very end of our lives, these are wishes that will never be emptiness nothing can fill