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A Valentine Rant

Reading instructions: Please dry your sense of humour before proceeding.

Description: short, fair and ugly.
defunct left eye, compensated by
proud Dravidian moustache.
(Kollywood directors' catch)
I'm told girls didn't care for looks.
So why am I still single?

Profession: science student;
Two papers in statistics.
Ph.D. from reputed institution.
(World-changing patents pending)
I'm told girls like accomplishments.
So why am I still single?

Hobby: Writing and poetry.
Some stuff published.
People rave and rant about it.
(May get a Nobel.)
I'm told girls are suckers for poetry.
So why am I still single?

Not so hidden talent: languages.
Can be comfortable with your
Swahili-speaking brother-in-law
(Or Greek or Persian for the matter).
I'm told girls like social skills.
So why am I still single?

I'm not rich. Well, not yet,
but have the arrogance, and poise,
cheek and sauciness to get there.
(My first royalty cheque's in the mail)
I'm told girls care for such potential.
So why am I still single?


Prasanna H. said…
Are you still single?