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These young people

These young people today, I tell you,
Always on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube.

Everyday they are changing their picture
One time, two times three times. Why?
They have only one face, no?

They are also not saying anything properly
Nowadays everything is 140 characters
as if all life is lived in telegrams.
And what is this putting # in front of
Everything? Making for bad reading only.
And no grammar: no comma, no full stop.

Arre baba, they are sending message on
WhatsApp and I am understanding :-)
But what is :-8? and what is <3?
Less than 3 is 2 or 1. But what is I<3U?
And there is this thing called Instagram
Where they are putting photos of what they ate.
Arre, if your mummy finds out that you ate
Costly, costly pizza instead of home-made
Chapati-bhaji what she will say?

Neighbour's boy - engineeering graduate,
Good job, good home -showed me to use
YouTube on phone. Very good thing YouTube.
Have you seen the video of cat playing piano?
Or the cat that likes water? Or cats fighting?
Or cats...