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A poem for my ageing wife

Those pearly whites that you brush in the sink as you sing our favourite songs; In that cracked yet enchanting voice rich in memories of every argument we've ever had; Those glasses on your shapely nose thickened over years though it is time for a higher number; The sun glinting off the strands of coconut-oiled smooth hairs: white, grey and black; And that perpetually swelling medicine box shared between us from which I swallow what I see first... You asked for it, didn't you what I liked in you And I had to be honest about it? Of course you have silky black hair, and dazzling eyes, bewitching smile, sweet voice et cetera. Not that I don't like you this way, Of course I do. But when it comes to that... Glad you get the point! Published in Writing Love an Anthology of Indian - English Poetry , ed. Ashmi Ahluwalia; Rupa Publications 2010. ISBN 978-81-29116-66-6.


eternal embrace forgotten a myriad years in earthly shelter (based on and composed in MSExcel. Do diphthongs constitute one or two syllables?)

A Valentine Rant

Reading instructions: Please dry your sense of humour before proceeding. Description: short, fair and ugly. defunct left eye, compensated by proud Dravidian moustache. (Kollywood directors' catch) I'm told girls didn't care for looks. So why am I still single? Profession: science student; Two papers in statistics. Ph.D. from reputed institution. (World-changing patents pending) I'm told girls like accomplishments. So why am I still single? Hobby: Writing and poetry. Some stuff published. People rave and rant about it. (May get a Nobel.) I'm told girls are suckers for poetry. So why am I still single? Not so hidden talent: languages. Can be comfortable with your Swahili-speaking brother-in-law (Or Greek or Persian for the matter) . I'm told girls like social skills. So why am I still single? I'm not rich. Well, not yet, but have the arrogance, and poise, cheek and sauciness to get there. (My first royalty cheque's in the mail) I'm told girls care fo