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Is it time?

Is there a moment that never was now? Is it time you think to hear the rattling wheels speed as the oozing body thrashes about? Is there a moment sweeter than now? Is it time you think to watch the lancet's shining point draw out – in one quick stroke – a shining crimson tide? Is it time, lest resolve turn infirm? Is it time you think to drain in one gulp, dissolved — that white-grey powder of deliverance? is it the violent moment of truth? Is it time you think to pull tight and feel rough coir against smooth neck? Is it now time, for bonds to loosen? Is it time?

Romantic I am not

Romantic I am not. I'd rather eat than gift chocolates, Orchids are daylight robbery And candle-light dinners are too dim - I like to see what I eat. If you want guys who: a) Cook exotic Japanese dinners b) Book surprise vacations to Goa or c) Strum a mean guitar Don't come to me. I can do poetry though And say 'I love you' in French and Italian (Je t'aime and ti amo, to get that over with). I do the man-of-the-house-changes-lightbulbs stuff Just as good as anyone else. You want a guy to get on his knees With scrubbing-brush and soap water On the bathroom flooor on Sunday? I'm your man. Put a sparkle on washed dishes, Be at home with Harpic bottles And pay insurance premia on time? - No problem. But don't ask me to cook; I can just about make tea But can't boil a potato into submission. I won't stare with glazed eyes While you're buying curtains But make helpful suggestions too If I understand the colours (Turquoise, beige, mauve and lavender