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This Tendency to Die

Pets are prone to it. As are grandchildren. And the little birdies and kittens You bring in from the cold. All you can do is rage - in impotent disbelief, And sorrow, and anger, and desire, and hope, And go through what they call the four Stages of grief, but what man was so heartless To coolly count while a woman smashed Her bangles on her wrists, fresh-widowed? But it’s a tendency we cannot avoid, And while we may clamour, in foolish lust For the hanging or shooting or electrocution Of someone we have been taught to fear; Our own papa or hubby or Sox or Puppy We were never taught. Oh yes, there it is In the Vedas and Quran and the Confucian texts And maybe we could use it for our own time, But for papa or hubby or Sox or Puppy We never could learn, never could be taught. All you get is vague notions that are inadequate, So inadequate, to fill that rising emptiness Called life hereafter. And yet we fill it and ‘move on’ till someone else expresses, unwantedly, T