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बोझ ढोते दर्द जो रोए, चादर ओढे सोए | रामेश देखो चींटी को, काज कैसे होए || यह कृति उमर बहुभाषीय रूपांन्तरक की मदद से देवनागरी में टाइप की गई है|


Variation 1:- I am because some DNA must replicate. Carbon defines life. Variation 2:- I am because some DNA must replicate. The Red Queen enslaves.

Stephen Kovacevich

Stiff doorkeepers, Elderly Parsi ladies, Catholics from Bandra, Swanks with corporate passes, And the mandatory coconut, Babes thrown in for spice, And there must obviously, be boys to impress them. And some like me, On cheap tickets Thinking they alone came for the music. Stephen Kovacevich plays to us all. (The pianist Stephen Kovacevich played Bach and Beethoven at the NCPA on March 19th, 2008.)