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The Wanderer's Curse

There is always a Me, and a Them, But there never really is an Us, They'll let you in, yes, They'll be nice to you, Share their food even; But there's always that little space They keep in between, The r not rolled correctly, The colour of your skin, Or the way you smile at the women; They're happy to help you try, But if you do roll the r the right way, There's something about eating cheese That you won't get right. The best jokes are not for you, They'll cuss just out of earshot So you can hear the hiss, And they might talk to you about return journeys More often than you think polite. Stay apart, Wanderer, You never did belong, You never will.


i have seen in my time then the death of a baby the death of a dog the death of dreams the death of many things yet and that is a big yet i seem to live on to have the will to live to see more deaths the death of a star the death of a puppy the death of an ant but fungus grows on those dead bodies and so life thrives so maybe that is a lesson still can i really live through the death of a friend the death of a frog the death of hope or a cherished principle maybe i can i am still alive