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Obituary - Lakshman Kadirgamar

They shot you in your car,
They shot you in your shoes,
They made you pay your dues:
They got you Kadirgamar!

Their name you made it mud,
Their pride was burst by you,
Their ambitions you slew;
Their aim was now your blood!

Your cause you served it well,
You soldiered till the end,
Non-violence to defend,
Your glory will now swell!

Your death brings no sorrow
Yours was the way to go!

An Indian Graduate's farewell song before he boards the plane

Two-ninety on the TOEFL test
Fourteen-fifty on GRE
So I am now ready
To attend the very best.
Don't want your TIFR
No school in Doon Valley
Don't show me a home degree
Just lemme travel far.

Those Americans will give me
Good worth for work done hard.
The fathers-in-law'll chase me
My money, success, green card.
What can your country get me?
Turn away, lemme step for'ard.


Can words ever come back
to the mouth they escape from?
Can ears ever forget
the jarring strains of discord
or the pleasantness of harmony?
Do eyes ever forget
the sights they see
whether they like it or not?

A song for Wooden Doll: The tale of Veerapandian Kattabomman

"Who be you to tax our land?"
Thus spake the fearless polygar*,
For Freedom did he stand!

The British did with heavy hand,
Provoke every ryot to war;
"Who be you to tax our land?"

Kattabomman** with his faithful band
Against vile Collectors did spar;
For Freedom did he stand!

His struggles charged the motherland:
Rebellion spread wide and far,
"Who be you to tax our land?"

Even when at Pudukkottai the war he planned
Was betrayed by the treacherous Zamindar
For Freedom did he stand!

He squeezed the noose with his own hand
Before the they could hang him at Kayattar,
"Who be you to tax our land?"
For Freedom did he stand!

*polygar: minor chieftain before British times
**Kattabomman: in Tamil literally "Wooden Doll"