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To the piece of orange peel in my bag on the trip to Janjira,

You were the only one to stay by my side when all others
Had left me to travel that final stretch homeward alone
And while I had to throw you away after two days
Because of the stench that made me put the bag in the wash
And earn mother's censure onto which she piled older grievances
You did help relive some happy memories of the sea breeze
And the boatmen's chatter and the old bronze cannons’ roar
And cope with those whose IQ is less than yours
And taught me that I was mortal in that ride across the creek
And that like you I too shall one day be stripped of my essence
And confined to the dustbin of humanity
I miss you, orange peel

Published in Lakdi Ka Pul - II The Poetry Bridge 2017 — an international anthology by Twin City Poetry Club