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Of course I read your poems

Of course I read your poems.

When I'm not reading a brief
to create an advertising campaign
that will cause a stampede
outside the branches of a bank
offering 6.75% interest on fixed deposits.

Of course I read your poems.

When I'm not standing on one leg
on the bus back home and peering
over the shoulders of a guy
watching Tom Cruise
biff up the baddy on his iPhone
and thinking that Rajnikanth
would have done it better.

Of course I read your poems.

When I am not with my
monomaniacal boss
seated on his hobby horse
expounding his favourite theories
on how the whole world
but him is wrong and
wondering whether to cut up his tie
or strangulate him with it.

Of course I read your poems.

When I'm in the mood to know
how your umpteenth boyfriend
exudes magic from his sebaceous glands
(and not sweat like us mortals)
and taught you the meaning of
love in love-making
and how that same umpteenth
now ex-boyfriend was only using
your heart to mop the floor with
just like all men did before.

Of course I read your poems.


Diwakar Sinha said…
:| life is like that...and who knows it better than us.

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