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Towards a ghazal, but not there yet

I meditate upon your name, you alone are the wealth of life.
I meditate upon your form, you alone are the breath of life.

Inhumane words become sweet-scented in your mouth, what do you eat?
I'm entranced by your fragrant breath, you alone are the breath of life.

Deceptively, in hushed tones you narrate the most fabulous tales.
I'm always hearing your sweet voice, you alone are the breath of life.

The barren forest in your presence becomes endowed with flowers.
I can perceive you everywhere, you alone are the breath of life.

I reach up to the heavens when you consent to my entreaties.
Love liberates me from the world, you alone are the breath of life.

The water which you give me out of your hands is ambrosia.
I'm thirsting for your compassion, you alone are the breath of life.

What is to others a shattered memory, lives on in my eyes.
Raamesh remembers forever, you alone are the breath of life.

(This is not a ghazal because though there is a radeef, and those who know better than me may detect a beher, but there is certainly no qafiya. This is because I transcreated this from another language, and in English it is infernally impossible to get the required rhymes.)


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